Deck Systems
Deck Systems
full deck of blockchain based decentralized financial systems

About Deck Systems

Deck Systems focuses on blockchain users and developers, and aims to bring about mainstream adoption of blockchain applications.
In order to achieve our goals, we offer a full deck of systems to enable quick development and deployment of blockchain applications. Our goal is to alleviate developers from lower level blockchain infrastructure and free developers to focus on application level development.
Through transaction acceleration and other innovative features, Deck Systems offers the end user experience that matches the mainstream Internet applications.
Towards these goals, Deck Systems offers three layers of services: Deck Base, Deck Path, and Deck Porch

Deck Basechain

Deck Base is the blockchain infrastructure layer of the Deck Systems. The Deck Basechain is developed on Cosmos blockchain platform, and offers inter-blockchain operability. Deck Base offers unparalleled transaction speed through innovations in consensus protocols. Leverage leading academic research at top institutions, such as Cornell University, UC Berkeley, and Stanford University. Deck Base incorporates an innovative and robust blockchain consensus system that thrives under asynchronous environments, and is able to make progress even under highly adverse conditions.

Deck Path

Deck Path is the finance and lending solution on Deck Systems. Deck Path is a cross-chain DeFi lending platform enabling stablecoin loans to users of major cryptocurrencies.

Deck Portal

Deck Portal is the Decentralized Finance hub for Deck users. Deck Portal acts as a familiar interface for users to access the Deck Path and the Deck Basechain.
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